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African black soap is also called Dudu-Osun, anago soap, and alata simena. African black soap is made from the ash of ingredients like plantain skins, cocoa pods, or palm tree leaves. This gives the soap its traditional black or dark gray color. Usually, ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, or palm oil are added to authentic African black soap. The addition of these raw ingredients helps to boost the skin-healing properties of black soap.

The best kind of black soap to buy is organic African black soap. This ensures that the black soap contains no artificial ingredients and won’t strip your skin of its natural protective oils. You can use raw African black soap to benefit your skin as you would with any other kind of soap. However, your skin will look better and healthier after using black soap rather than ordinary soap.

It has antibacterial properties

African black soap has properties that help remove bacteria from the skin.

It may help treat acne

Another use for African black soap is to help treat acne.

It may help reduce fine lines

According to a limited research surveyTrusted Source, a small proportion of participants use African black soap to reduce fine lines or wrinkles. However, researchers need more evidence to prove whether or not this is effective.

 It may reduce the appearance of dark spots

Dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation or age spots, are areas of skin that appear darker than others.

It may reduce razor bumps

According to the same research survey, 46%Trusted Source of people who use black soap for razor bumps reported being “very satisfied” with the results. Also, 46% reported being “somewhat satisfied.”

t may help reduce the impact of eczema

African black soap may also help people living with eczema. However, it is not yet clear exactly how effective it is for this purpose.

It has potential moisturizing effects

Some varieties of African black soap may contain shea or shea butter. Shea butter may help improve the moisture in a person’s skin.

It has soothing effects

The oils and fats present in African black soap may help soothe a person’s skin. For example, a person may find that it provides mild relief from symptoms of rashes and other skin conditions that cause itching or pain.

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