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Rich, Creamy Lather that leaves your skin feeling Soft, Silky and Moisturized.


Have you wondered what is that beauty ingredient that was used centuries ago by attractive women, like queen Cleopatra for their exceptional beauty? No, it's not some secret concoction excavated from the pyramids, but the simple and easily accessible shea butter that has become quite popular for skincare lately. One of the most beautiful women of the world, the queen of Egypt was known to carry a caravan of clay jars filled with shea butter for her skincare which itself explains how valuable this ingredient is for flawless skin even today. 

Shea butter benefits

Following are some of the reasons why you should use shea butter for skin.

1. Highly emollient

Uses of shea butter are mostly in the form of nourishing moisturizer and lotion due to its emollient property. Shea butter is highly hydrating and is a skin conditioning agent. It forms a protective layer over the skin that keeps it moisturized and supple.

2. Smoothens dry skin in winters

You can substitute your winter creams and lotions with shea butter for skin due to its nourishing and softening properties. Shea butter easily absorbs in the skin layers to soften the skin, cure dehydration and dryness.

3. Removes skin rashes

Due to the nourishing and healing properties of shea butter, you can use it for sunburn, dry patches, abrasions, diaper rash, etc. It contains vitamin E and A that heals minor cuts, stretch marks and also removes scars and marks.

4. Acts as a sunscreen

Shea butter can be easily applied as a sunscreen for sun protection. Dermats believe that shea butter contains natural SPF that can save you from sunburns and renew tanned skin. However, it is not a substitute for a sunscreen cream.

5. Is excellent for hair too

Not only for the skin, but the uses of shea butter for hair are innumerable too. If you have a dry scalp, or suffering from dandruff and rough hair, you can use shea butter to moisturise the scalp and condition the hair. It can also be used to smoothen the hair strands and make it soft and manageable.

6. Contains anti-ageing properties

Shea butter is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient. Its hydrating qualities and the presence of plant-based nutrients like fatty acids, oleic acid, stearic acid, etc in it boosts collagen production which slows down ageing. Moreover, its cell-renewing properties prevent wrinkles and fine lines on the skin and help you look younger.

Telluride Sky Creamy Bar Soap

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